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What our Clients Say about Us?

CB Air
I had no concerns before hiring FCC Aviation, as I have worked with Tobias for many years and found him to be knowledgeable and accurate. He is my advisor to the complex regulations in Europe regarding carbon emission and passenger taxes levied by the different EU countries. I would highly recommend FCC Aviation due to their knowledge of European regulations. Keep up your excellent work. Alan Williams - CB Air
Kansas City Life Insurance
I used FCC Aviation for compliance with French noise tax. Tobias handled my tax declaration quickly and correctly. I would say the most important benefits are full compliance with State Authorities, timely service and the price which is in-line with the service provided. I can recommend working with FCC Aviation to everyone because the tax service has not only met but exceeded my needs. Alan Cordel - Kansas City Life Insurance
Aeromanagement Group
FCC Aviation was our support since the very beginning and still is our reference for APD declaration in the UK and TNSA in France. I was concerned about known and unknown taxes related to our operations and the very complicated compliance procedures. Thanks to their help, we are now informed and aware of the different national regulations and are relieved from complicated, sometimes unknown procedures. They make sure everything is duly settled. I can recommend the service to everyone looking for reliable support from professional people. Maurizio Rusconi - Aeromanagement Group
Malibu Consulting
Tobias advised me that France was charging a noise tax. So we went with FCC Aviation and are not disappointed. The support service reduces the workload, ensures that the required reports go in on time and is more convenient. FCC Aviation is thorough, accurate, pays attention to detail, competent, reliable and good to work with. I recommend. Ed Warnock - Malibu Consulting
Pacific Jet Aviation
These guys have done a good job for us. Thanks to their support, we have peace of mind that our legal obligations are met, but most importantly, don't need to deal with red tape surrounding compliance. Andrew Skinner - Pacific Jet Aviation